Let’s face it. Our brains are turning into mush. With all of the screens we look at throughout the day, we experience more mind-numbing moments than we do stimulating moments. We’re relying on smartphones and computers to do all the thinking for us. And as a result, we’re losing the fine-tuned ability to think critically and solve problems. In a way, we’re allowing computers to turn us from humans into robots. And this, my friends, is exactly the reason why you should learn chess.

Learning chess is so much more than learning a game. Learning chess is a great way for us to increase our intelligence, problem-solving, and processing speed. This, according to a healthline article I recently read which is also the inspiration for this blog post.

After reading through the above-referenced article’s ten benefits of playing chess, I’ve decided to narrow things down to my top three.

Here are my top three reasons why you should learn chess:

(1) It improves your memory

Not only do you have to memorize the different rules and plays available to you as a chess player, you also need to memorize possible outcomes and maneuvers that your opponent might choose. There’s a lot of mental gymnastics happening when you play chess, and this is a good thing!

(2) It builds your planning skills

Chess is a game of strategic planning. How many times have you heard chess analogies thrown around at work (probably by people who don’t even know how to play the game, btw)? Well, there’s a lot of relevance to the fact that chess helps develop very important planning skills.

(3) Helps protect against dementia

Who knew! However, the science seems to back this one up. And you don’t even have to be good at chess for this benefit to kick in. Just the process of exercising your mind is enough to help keep the harmful, deteriorating effects of dementia at bay.


So, whether you have a fancy chess set from Poland or just a cheapo from Walmart, one thing is for certain, there are many benefits to be enjoyed if you simply apply yourself and get with the game!