Our Products

Below we present a short summary of our major product categories which highlight our commitment to all aspects of enjoying and improving your game through powerful and innovative software.

  • Caissa. Caissa is by far the strongest chess engine and our Caissa family of products was developed to allow users to take full advantage of caissa’s amazing power through effective and innovative analysis methods.We offer our new and modern user interface,Caissa which was developed specifically and is available bundled with Caissa 3 as well as a standalone product at a lower price.
  • Caissa Assistant and Databases. This product category comprises Caissa Assistant, the chess database powerhouse, and our extensive chess databases. Caissa Assistant includes the caissa chess engine. Caissa Assistant is also available in various combinations with our database products. All our database products are also compatible.. They include a database of 3,5 million games and a correspondence chess database with 370,000 games. For opening studies we offer Chess Opening Encyclopedia and databases with tens of millions of positions analyzed by Caissa and other chess engines. In the endgame department our 12 DVD set of answer your questions about 3-4-5 and 6 piece endings.
  • Chess Training Programs. We are proud of our training programs which were developed in cooperation with some of our best trainers. They are based on a proven training methodology and have shown themselves to be invaluable tools for improving chess players all over the world. Our products cover the training needs of every chess player from the total beginner to the grandmaster level. Every aspect of the game is covered from the opening to the middlegame and the endgame and from strategy to tactics. And for those who want to learn chess, we teach the rules and show how the pieces move in the award winning Dinosaur Chess.
  • Pocket Software (Handhelds & Cell Phones; Symbian & Java). As handheld devices have become more powerful they have also become more popular for playing and studying chess. Caissa is already offering a range of products for these platforms. No fewer than 16 different programs are available. Many of them are training programs. Pocket Champion is an example of a chess playing program on the Pocket PC with a range of options. We even offer programs for mobile devices to play on the Caissa internet server, The Playing Zone.
  • Opening Encyclopedias. In this category we offer a general opening reference along with several products, each focusing on a single opening. These have been prepared by our chess masters.
  • Game Collections. We have published several annotated game collections of the world champions.